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How to make the most of the Google app for Android devices

Recode has a new podcast for Android users, featuring two men who are really into making and wearing gear.

The podcast is called The Men of Gear, and the hosts are two friends from California named Dan and Brad.

The show is hosted by Matt Miller, a tech editor at TechCrunch.

I had the chance to chat with Dan and hear more about the show, which is available now.

Read the transcript of our conversation below:The Men of Gears has been on hiatus for quite some time.

And when the podcast went on hiatus, it was in a strange place.

I think that was actually a good thing, because it sort of let people get to know each other.

I actually think that people are a little more open to new people when they are connected, but it’s also kind of a good way to keep the camaraderie going.

We were sort of like, ‘OK, if this is a real place where you can hang out and talk, then maybe we can do this podcast,’ which is the other side of it.

And we were like, Oh, great.

We’re ready to dive into the Android world and get to work on something.

It’s a really cool idea, and I think people really liked the idea of us doing it, and that was really fun.

I don’t know that it’s as sexy or as sexy as the iPhone, but I think it’s definitely a lot more convenient.

That’s the biggest reason that I think we have made the podcast.

I don’t think it’ll ever go away, and it definitely has a very large audience, but the podcast is still there.

People who are like, [just] watch the podcast, it’s cool.

People are like “Oh, you should do a podcast.”

I know that they’re going to find it and enjoy it.

I’m not sure that it’ll be the same way.

But that’s kind of the reason why we made the show.

I just think people are interested in having a conversation about their gear, and we want to bring those conversations to a wider audience.

I’ve been a gear guy for a long time.

I grew up in Michigan, and my dad would always go out and buy his gear, so I grew out of that.

I started out in college at a small college, and then I got into gear a little bit more in college, but then it just kind of snowballed from there.

It was actually the exact same thing that happened to me, and in some ways I think I got a little lucky.

The other reason I think the podcast kind of works is because I don.

I have a real affinity for making gear.

I can be like, “Well, if I just do it myself, I’m gonna be like a million bucks and I’ll probably be a good businessman,” but I don`t want to get into it like, I want to go out there and start making stuff for myself.

And I can kind of be like: “I want to make stuff that is a little better than I already have.”

So I think having a podcast like that that lets people talk about that kind of stuff is a really nice way to bring that to a broader audience.

Read more:How to install the Google App for Android on your phoneThe podcast was originally created to get the guys in the tech industry to talk about gear, but now it also has a broader goal.

I was going to say “tech guys” because it’s like the guys who work in tech.

There’s a lot of guys that are really passionate about gear.

There are a lot guys who are actually into making things that are a bit more functional and that are not necessarily made out of wood or some kind of high-tech material.

And that kind is really important for us to bring back, because we just want people to have more of a conversation around their gear.

And also we have a lot to talk to the makers and makers themselves, so we just wanted to really bring them in on the podcast and talk about their experiences.

I know the podcast has a pretty broad audience, so how do you approach people who might not have an interest in hardware?

Dan and I have really good conversations with the people who have actually been into hardware, so that’s really important.

And the guys at the top of the industry, those are the guys that really care about hardware.

The guys at our own company, we kind of like those guys.

So I don, like, try to do a lot for them.

I try to go down a few different rabbit holes to get their perspective.

We try to have a little chat about what they are interested about, what kind of technology they are into, and what kind is their favorite piece of gear.

But the biggest thing that we try to get to is, what do you think of our gear? So


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