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Why are the TallahasSEE Cardinals still undefeated?

Tallahasseas’ top players continue to be among the NFL’s most valuable commodities, with players like running back Chris Johnson and cornerback Jalen Ramsey and wide receiver Mike Williams leading the way in that regard.

However, that’s not what the Cardinals are known for.

It’s the type of talent that will make a team, or at least a team’s fans, salivate.

It’s not exactly the type that would draw the ire of a fan base that has been burned by some of the team’s recent missteps.

The Cardinals are a perennial contender, and they have plenty of talent on the roster, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t get a little emotional when a team is losing games.

So why haven’t the Cardinals been able to get their act together in recent weeks?

The answer lies in the team owner.

The answer to that question is a bit more complicated than it first appears.

In an effort to attract and retain the talent that has fueled the Cardinals, Cardinals GM Steve Keim has spent the last two seasons looking to upgrade his roster and the team as a whole.

While the franchise has always had a rich and talented history, Keim and his staff have made significant strides in recent years, as evidenced by the success of the defense and the offensive line.

Keim has also made some significant upgrades to the coaching staff, which is what led to the Cardinals’ first win of the season on Sunday.

The team is led by Keim’s former college defensive coordinator, Mike Bercovici, who was promoted to the head coach position in 2016.

He has been the team leader since Keim took over in 2014.

As part of his push to improve the team, Kei also spent time working with several other former players in addition to the current group of linebackers, offensive linemen, defensive backs and tight ends.

Keem has made some headway, and his recent moves have given him the chance to start building on his early success.

While Keim hasn’t made much of an impact yet on offense, the Cardinals will certainly be looking to continue their streak of success on the offensive side of the ball.

The offense will be the centerpiece of the franchise’s season-opening tilt against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Cardinals are coming off their second straight loss, and Keim will be hoping to turn things around by scoring touchdowns to help them get back to .500.

The latest Around The NFL Podcast previews Week 13’s game against the Seattle Seahawks and previews the start of the NFL regular season.

Find more Around The League content on NFL NOW.

The good news for Keim is that the team has been on a roll lately.

The good news is that he can still make some major moves to improve his roster, and he’s still got plenty of room to make some more.

The team is still on the outside looking in at the AFC North, but it’s a strong position for the Cardinals.

The Broncos are coming into the division as the No. 2 team in the league, and the divisional champion Raiders are the No.-3 team in Oakland.

The Raiders are expected to be an improvement over last year’s team that went 5-9 and lost a playoff game.

The Raiders have one of the league’s most explosive offensive lines, and their defense should help make things difficult for quarterbacks like Alex Smith and Derek Carr.

The defense has some quality pieces, but the team will be looking for more from its defense, and that will help the team stay competitive.

The other major advantage the Cardinals have is their depth at the position.

The defensive line has talent, but is still looking to add more to the group.

Keim can get help at the defensive end position, but he also has a lot of experience on defense with the unit that is expected to make a big leap this season.

The problem for Keic is that while the Cardinals seem to have some of those pieces, they need to make moves to make them better.

The current defensive line is talented, but they are far from the best in the AFC.

That could change with the addition of free agent defensive end Anthony Barr.

The defensive end is a key position for Kei, as the Cardinals were one of only three teams in the NFL that did not have a single player who played in more than 300 defensive snaps last season.

That is not an easy task, and Barr could be an ideal addition to help Keim improve the defensive line.

In a few weeks, the team could also be looking at a new starting quarterback, as Keim did not select the veteran to start against the Jets last week.

The backup situation could be even worse for Keideman, as his replacement could be more inexperienced than Barr.

There are a lot more factors at play than just the players on the field, though.

The front office and coaching staff will also need to look at what the team needs to do to get back into contention


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