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CLYREN – Game Forum Countries ‘Hollywood’ director Robert Pattinson’s ‘Patti’ is rated PG-13 by Rotten Tomatoes

‘Hollywood’ director Robert Pattinson’s ‘Patti’ is rated PG-13 by Rotten Tomatoes

Robert Pattison has released a new trailer for his upcoming film “Patti” which he said he wrote to try and “make a movie that could be considered the ‘most realistic’ film ever made.”

“It was a bit of a struggle writing that and not knowing what the future held,” he said in a video statement released on Thursday.

“The fact that the story is so realistic and the way the world is changing and the people around us, I’m very optimistic about it.”

The movie is set to open in theaters on March 6.

Pattison said that the movie is not a “drama” but instead an “inspirational story” that he hopes “will inspire and entertain viewers.”

The director said he had not yet seen the trailer.

Pattinson, who starred in “The Hurt Locker” and “Hurt Locker 2” with Kristen Stewart, has a string of other recent movies that have received mixed reviews, including “Fury” and his upcoming “Walt Disney Jr.”

“The new film is very much a continuation of the theme that I’ve been talking about with my work in the past, and it’s a continuation that I’m excited about,” he told the New York Times.

“I hope it will be a lot of fun to see what happens.”

Pattison added that the “Pitties” will be filmed “in the style of a Hollywood studio” which is “going to make it really exciting.”

He also discussed the new “Captain Fantastic” movie, which he directed and starred in, and the future of “Paddys” as well.

The director also revealed that he is “excited to have some more fun” with the “Hollywood” franchise, but he did not give any specific release date.


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