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How to get rid of the ‘f**king’ in your name

If you’ve ever wanted to go “a little crazy” and create your own Instagram account, the answer is “yes,” but it’s not exactly a new idea.

But what about a way to “fuck up” your Facebook page?

This week, Penthouse launched a new way to do just that with

Instead of simply adding a photo to your Instagram profile, you’ll be able to customize your profile with a tagline that can be applied to any photo.

You can also choose to add your own hashtags, like “#theslickpeter,” or even include a caption to your photo.

The new Penthouse website is set to launch sometime in early October, but you can try it right now with a free trial.

Penthouse is also adding a few new features to the Instagram app this week.

For example, you can now swipe through your photos with your finger, rather than using the traditional swipe up gesture.

You also get the ability to use Instagram’s auto-tagging feature, which automatically tags photos you take.

The website also includes a feature that lets you “like” and comment on your favorite photos, but these features aren’t available in the app.


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