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CLYREN – Game Forum Countries When Trump wins: Who will be the first person to get hurt?

When Trump wins: Who will be the first person to get hurt?

Who will get hurt next?

If Trump wins, the first casualty will be our economy.

But the second casualty could be the media.

We can’t afford another Trump-led administration.

There are few things worse than being told you can’t trust us, that you’re wrong about everything and that the world is against you.

That’s why the Trump presidency will likely be an unpopular one.

That is why we must fight back.

So, how do we fight back?

First, we must defend ourselves.

The media should not be allowed to dictate the news cycle.

It’s the job of our government to tell us the truth, not the lies of the press.

The truth is, the American people are sick and tired of being lied to.

That means they are tired of paying for the lies and distortions of the media, and that means we must not let them dictate our future.

Second, we have to start fighting back.

We need to be vigilant.

We must start organizing.

We are already seeing some success.

As the day goes on, we’ll see a sea change in our country.

We have a choice: We can continue to allow the news to be controlled by the elite, or we can fight back by building a new system that will ensure truth, fairness and accountability.

That system will begin with a stronger media and a more democratic government.

We’re not doing this alone.

We will be backed by a strong grassroots movement, led by a grassroots movement that is not controlled by a few special interests.

We’ve been waiting for this day for years.

That movement will begin today, and we must take the fight to the media and the special interests that control it.

If you’re looking for more news, the Washington Examiner has you covered.


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