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Audi: ‘We’ll be back’ to finish Audi Q5s and Q7s

Audi has revealed that it will start selling its new Q5, Q7, and QX crossover at the end of the year, with the 2019 model featuring a new roof.

This comes as a big blow for Q4 models, which have seen the introduction of new body styles, including a new hatchback version.

“We will be back to finish all our products by the end to deliver the best possible service and quality to the customers, said Audi CEO Matthias Müller.”

In 2019, we will be introducing the new Q50, which will deliver the same performance and safety performance as the Q4, and also a more comfortable interior with a more relaxed seating position.

“There are two different versions of the Q50 – one with a 5.3-litre V8 engine, the other with a 3.0-litr V8.

The 2018 model comes with the 2.0T all-wheel drive system, while the 2019 models will be fitted with the 3.8T petrol-electric hybrid system.

Audi says that the 2019 Q50 will be powered by a V8 V6 turbocharged four-cylinder, and a new 5.0L petrol-diesel engine will be installed.

The petrol engine is rated at a maximum of 310bhp and torque of 295Nm.

The electric motor is rated for 280bhp at 4,200rpm.

The 2019 Q51 will be offered in four versions – Q50 Q51Q51Q50Q51, Q51 Q51, and the Q52Q52.

The Q50 was unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show earlier this year, and has already been seen on the streets of Frankfurt.

The 2019 Q5 will be priced from €60,000 ($67,000), while the Q5 is expected to be released in September 2019.

The Q5 sports a six-speed manual transmission, with Audi announcing that it has already developed a new gearbox for the 2019 car.

It’s believed that the new 6-speed is equipped with a new technology called Active Dynamic Control (ADC), which was introduced by Audi in 2017.

Audi claims that the technology allows the car to react more rapidly, allowing it to be more manoeuvrable and more comfortable to drive.

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