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CLYREN – Game Forum Activities ‘We have to do better’: The men who worked in the ‘forest’ forum of EQ2

‘We have to do better’: The men who worked in the ‘forest’ forum of EQ2

A number of people in the online forum of a series of EQ 2 mods have told Vice News that the modding community is rife with sexual harassment, and some of the moderators are known to have been sexually active.

The forum, which has been active since 2012, is known for posting controversial, often violent, images of the game’s male characters, with many of the mods themselves having previously expressed interest in engaging in the sort of behaviour that many of them are accused of.

According to the forum’s owner, who asked to remain anonymous, there are more than 30 mods who are active on the forum, and the site is run by two people who have worked on the mod team, including a moderator of the “forest” forum.

In the months leading up to the launch of the EQ 2 beta, the moderator of that forum, who goes by the name of Roo, was accused of being sexually active with an underage girl.

Roo has not commented on the allegations, but his account on the forums has been flagged as “vandalism” by some of his fans, who are demanding he be removed from the forum.

One of the posters who contacted Vice News to discuss the allegations told Vice that the moderators were often involved in a sexual relationship with their underage female followers.

“It’s not just them, it’s a whole community,” he said.

“It’s almost like the game itself is just a community of predators and pedophiles.”

A number of the forum users told Vice they were surprised at the level of sexual harassment that has been prevalent within the forum in recent years.

“I was just surprised at how many of these mods are pedophiles,” one user said.

“Some of the posts that are made are very graphic and very disgusting.

It’s just a huge problem for the community.”

In a video posted to the forums in January, a moderator called Mandy told viewers that she “wasn’t into” sex with her followers.

She said she was in the process of getting over the trauma of being the “child” in the “tree” mod team.

“The game is very important to me, and I’m just trying to get through the trauma,” she said.

A second video posted by Mandy to the same forums in December shows that the community was very supportive of a number of sexual predators and paedophiles who were part of the mod roster.

Mandy, who is currently a member of the EA community team, did not respond to VICE’s request for comment.

In a statement to Vice News, EA said that the company was “deeply saddened” by the allegations.”EA stands firmly against any form of inappropriate conduct or behavior that harms or demeans any individual in our community, and our team is actively working to identify and remove any and all individuals who are violating our Code of Conduct,” the statement read.

“Our team takes the issue of online abuse very seriously, and we have recently launched a new code of conduct, which includes provisions for abuse prevention and action.”

In addition to the mod forum, EA also runs the EA Sports community, which was founded in 2011 to “provide the players with an easy way to find and connect with other players”.

EA also hosts the EA Forums, which are a popular forum for people to discuss EA games, as well as a separate forum called “The Sims” that is open to fans to play and share creations.

But the allegations against EA’s community team are not the only ones that have been made in the past year concerning the company’s relationship with the gaming community.

In February, the US Department of Justice launched a civil rights investigation into the company, and in March, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that it was looking into the abuse and harassment allegations against the EA studio.

In December, Vice News reported that EA had reached an agreement with the Justice Department to settle a lawsuit alleging that it had failed to take adequate steps to prevent abuse of the studio’s online communities.

In an emailed statement to VICE News, a spokesperson for EA said: “We are cooperating with the investigation.

As soon as it’s concluded, we will provide further information.”

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