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What’s going on in the NBA 2K16 community?

With the NBA IIK16 NBA 2k16 news thread set to go live tomorrow, we decided to find out what the community is up to in the weeks to come.

With a full week of previews, news, and impressions, we have a good sense of what to expect from this year’s update.

There are still a lot of things to look forward to from this season, but with a couple of big announcements, it’s going to be interesting to see how far the community has come.

First, we can expect to see more news and updates for this year.

It will be interesting for us to see if we see any major changes to the roster this time around.

With the release of the first official preview, we saw some big changes to how players were assigned.

We also saw a ton of changes to team and stat rankings.

We know that the community will want to see a full look at the game, so we hope that this will be a great first preview.

As we’ve noted before, we’re looking forward to seeing how the community reacts to the first preview of the NBA series.

As we have seen with previous preview cycles, the community loves to have more of a glimpse into the world of NBA 2ks and the upcoming season.

In addition to those announcements, we will see some other major changes coming to the NBA.

We’ll be following along with the NBA franchise changes and roster changes in the next few weeks.

For those of you looking for a new way to play NBA 2, the official app is available now.

The app is completely free, but you can play offline by going to the store and downloading the app.

You can also try the free trial to see what the game is like in-game.

The second big announcement of the week is the return of the Gladiator League.

It’s a brand new sport for the NBA, and it’s the first time since the first game that you can join the competition online.

It starts tomorrow at midnight GMT (10am PT) and will run through the end of March.

The first game featured a free trial and we will also see the return to the team selection system.

It is possible that you’ll see the same system in the free and paid versions of the game.

The next major news for the community comes with the announcement of two new characters.

These characters will be available in a future update.

We already know that they will be playable, so this is a huge news for us as we look forward into the next season.

For the first few weeks of NBA II, players were limited to only one of four playable characters.

This limitation has been removed for the second season, and the team roster is now limited to eight.

Players can choose any of their four characters, but the roster cannot be changed.

There is also a rule for players to only play in one game per week, with the exception of Sundays.

This has been one of the biggest criticisms of the previous season, with players complaining about not having enough team options.

The first preview, which was available for free on the app store, saw a lot more roster changes.

In the first week of free previews, we only saw four roster changes, but now we’re seeing seven roster changes for the first four weeks of free preview, with three of those changes coming from roster changes that happened during the free preview.

The roster changes happen as a result of the roster being removed from the game at the start of the free previews.

In the first two weeks of previews we saw two roster changes and the first roster change of the season, as well as two roster additions, with two of them occurring during free previews and one of them happening during the regular season.

This is the first year that players can join a team at any time.

As you can see, there are some interesting roster changes here.

The two teams that were the biggest disappointments in previous previews have now been rewarded with some great additions and new characters, so it’s clear that there is plenty to look forwards to.

If you haven’t seen the first three weeks of the preseason, we suggest you check out the first previews and follow along as we bring you updates on the team changes, and on the roster changes moving forward.


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