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What is a “snipers” Hide? Article by Kevin O’Connor The title of this

is taken from a popular thread on the Cars and Cars Blog.

It is a popular question that many of us are asking, and we hope this article can help answer some of the more commonly asked questions.

First off, lets address the “Snipers” and “Snipes” in the car title.

There are two different terms that are often used to refer to this type of gun, and they are referred to interchangeably.

A “Snipe” is a firearm that shoots a “bullet” through a target that has already been shot.

A sniper gun is a handgun that fires a bullet that has been shot through the target.

The term “sniping” is commonly used in the United States to describe a weapon that shoots out a round that is aimed at a person or object.

It refers to a gun that uses a rotating “lock,” similar to a lever or pin, to control the firing of the gun.

The most popular and popular gun of the modern era is the Colt AR-15, which is the rifle, carbine, or shotgun that was developed by the U.S. Army during World War II.

Its design is based on a Colt .45 Colt revolver and features a large bore, long barrel, and large cylinder.

Colt’s AR-10 rifle, developed in the early 20th century, was the primary military rifle used in World War I. Colt made the AR-20 in the 1960s, which uses a smaller, more compact and more accurate version of the Colt revolver.

It uses a .308 Winchester cartridge, but has a much shorter barrel.

Colt developed the M16 rifle in the late 1980s.

Its name is based off the Colt M1917 and M1 carbine rifles.

The AR-556 rifle is based around a standard AR-18 rifle, and is one of the most popular military rifles in use today.

The Colt AR rifle is considered to be a “standard military rifle” by most people.

However, it is not.

It has many variations, including the M1 Carbine, the M2 Carbine (also known as the AR 15), and the M4 carbine.

The M16, the most commonly used military rifle of the past two centuries, has a more compact design and is not commonly used today.

It was used by the military for nearly two centuries until the advent of the M-16A1 in the 1980s and M-4 in the 1990s.

It remains the standard military rifle in use.

The AR-12, the military version of Colt’s M1-series rifle, is a military version, or an “extended military rifle.”

It is the most common military rifle today.

Its most commonly found variants include the AR 10, M16A2, and the AR 18, which are military versions of the AR rifles of the early twentieth century.

It also includes the AR5, AR 10-R and AR 15-R.

The US military uses the AR10 rifle as the primary and only military rifle for law enforcement, which means that it is one that law enforcement officers use regularly.

It can be used for a variety of different purposes, including defensive use, law enforcement training, and hunting.

However it is also used for law enforcers to assist with their training and to carry out missions.

The military also uses the M17 rifle, a rifle developed for the Marine Corps, as a training tool.

The Army also uses an M16-style rifle for training and combat.

The US Army also has its own version of its M16 carbine called the M203, a lighter version of their M16 series.

The M16 has a very low rate of fire, which makes it suitable for the role of a “gunner” or “shotgunner.”

However, this makes it extremely accurate and very accurate when firing, and it is capable of doing so in close range.

It’s accuracy is so good that it can fire through walls, as well as through concrete, and can hit a target at a distance of several feet.

The gun is extremely durable, and has a lifetime warranty.

The rifle is also very effective against infantry, making it very effective in urban environments.

The civilian market for the AR rifle has been a hot topic lately.

It began in 2005, when Colt introduced the AR15-style AR-platform rifles, which were designed to be light, accurate, and easy to use.

These rifles were available in various price ranges, ranging from $499 to $999.

Colt introduced an affordable version of these rifles called the AR 16-series, which was made from the same polymer material as the Colt 1911 rifle.

The $1,999 rifle came with a folding stock, a scope, and an optional buttstock.

This was a fairly common rifle at the time, and Colt sold tens of


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