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How to avoid being a ‘social chameleon’

It’s not just the ‘weird’ things that we do that are socially awkward, but also the things we say and the way we act.

For many, it’s a big deal to be awkward.

In the interest of getting to the bottom of the topic, we asked our readers to share their best tips on what they’re doing to avoid social chameleons.

Here are some of the most popular tips.


Be open and honest.

It can be hard to tell if someone is actually feeling socially awkward when they are, so it’s important to keep things open and authentic.

“I don’t think it’s good to be an open book when it comes to someone’s behaviour.

If I feel awkward or awkward in a way, I try to be honest about it,” says one reader.

“My best advice is to tell yourself, ‘I’ve been thinking about it.

What would you like me to do if I was you?'”

“If you’re really uncomfortable or awkward, talk to someone.

That’s really good.

If you have someone you trust, talk it out.”


Try to avoid ‘stupid’ behaviour.

“When it comes down to it, if someone acts like a social changer, it probably is because they don’t know how to communicate and are trying to figure out how to make themselves more comfortable,” says Michelle.

“It’s very easy to get in a bad mood and have a bad day, so if you’re not confident with yourself or you don’t have good communication skills, then you might just fall into a bad situation.”

“If people have good boundaries, then they don,t get upset,” adds another.

“But if they’re being self-absorbed and you’re being rude, then it’s the person who’s being rude.”


Stop using ‘I’ words.

It’s important not to use the word ‘I’.

“It might make people feel a little weird, but it’s not really necessary, so use it sparingly,” says a reader.

In fact, a lot of readers also tell us they use the words ‘you’, ‘me’, ‘we’ and ‘we’re’ instead of ‘I’m’, ‘I want’, ‘you want’, and so on.

“The word ‘you’ is more common in Australian English than English in other countries,” says Stephanie.

“And that’s OK.

That makes it easier for us to relate to you and understand your point of view.”

“The term ‘I’d like you to be more like me’, ‘have you thought about this’, ‘like me’, and ‘you’re like me’ are more common.

But if you use those words, use them in a different way.

It will help them feel better.”


Don’t use ‘I can’t’ or ‘I won’t’.

“If someone says, ‘You can’t use the bathroom’ or, ‘you won’t use it’ then you should stop and listen,” says Caroline.

“These are very common ways people get into a social situation and people can get in bad situations.

And it can make you feel uncomfortable.

It might also make them feel uncomfortable if you do use these words, so don’t do it.

It’ll only make things worse.” 5. Don


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