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How to create a custom message for your friends and family

How to use Google Hangouts to send an automated message to a person on your list.

You can create a new message for each person in your list by simply going to the profile settings and selecting “Add friend”.

You can then add a custom subject and a custom body to your message, such as your name or a quote.

Once you’ve added a message, you can choose which person can see it.

For example, you could send a message to your girlfriend and her friends and then select who she can see your message.

If you want to send it to your sister or nephew, you need to go to your family list first.

After you’ve created the message, go to the contacts list and select your friend or family member.

This list will appear on the other end of the screen.

This includes everyone in your group who has the same name and a profile picture.

You can delete a friend or Family member that you don’t want to see your messages.

You don’t need to do anything special to send a reply.

All you need is your phone number, a subject line and a body.

The subject line will be a unique number.

You could also include a link to your profile page, a contact person or a contact email address.

To add a reply to a message that already exists, simply tap on the message icon and select “Reply to”.

When you reply, a new contact is added to your list that will be notified of your reply.

You’ll be asked to approve the reply before you can add a new recipient.

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