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CLYREN – Game Forum RETAILERS How to beat the EA Access scam: You have to go to EA’s website, sign up, then sign up again to get the game for free

How to beat the EA Access scam: You have to go to EA’s website, sign up, then sign up again to get the game for free

The game that everyone wants is coming to the Xbox One and PS4 in the fall, but it looks like the same old scam is working its way through the eShop.

The EA Access program, which lets gamers purchase EA titles for $10.99 or $19.99 each month, has been running since June 1, when the company announced that it was launching a new subscription service called EA Access Plus.

Now, as we’ve reported, a small group of EA staffers has begun phishing people with false information to sign up for the EA Pass program, where they will receive a link to the EA website, which will tell them to go directly to the subscription page and sign up.

This appears to be a fake EA Pass page.

To sign up and get a copy of the game, a person must go to the game’s official site and click on the sign up link.

Once they do this, they will be redirected to a fake sign up page, which has an incorrect banner with a link that redirects to the wrong site.

There is no sign up button.

At this point, it looks as if the EA staff are simply trying to scam people into signing up.

If you click the sign in link, the game downloads, but the EA program is not working.

Instead, the site says the EA subscription is only valid for EA Access, which gives you access to a number of EA games, including SimCity, Battlefield 4, and Titanfall 2, but does not allow you to purchase any of those games directly.

It also doesn’t allow you access through the game itself, as it only allows you to download the game on a Microsoft Xbox One or PS4, and the game won’t download.

But even if you do download a game, you won’t be able to play it.

When you try to play a game from the EA app, the title screen says that you must sign in with your EA ID and password.

That is not true, and a Microsoft account is required to sign in to the app.

So if you tried to play an EA title through the app, it will prompt you for your EA account information and ask for your password, which you cannot enter without having your EA Pass key.

If you do not have an EA account, you will not be able play any EA games.

Then, after clicking on the EA account registration button, you are redirected to the login page.

The login page asks for your email address, password, and Microsoft account.

You can enter that information at this page, but you are not able to purchase anything directly.

It also asks for the game title and price.

Finally, the login screen tells you that the login has expired, and that you need to enter your email to access the account again.

You must also sign out and sign back in again.

It doesn’t look like EA Pass will work either, as you are no longer able to download games directly from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

It is worth noting that there are ways to avoid signing up for EA Pass, but not all of them.

You don’t have to sign-up, but a person could give you a link and ask you to sign into their Microsoft account in order to get access to the service.

It could be an email address they provided to someone else who asked them to sign for EA, or they could create a fake account.

If EA Pass is a scam, it is worth checking out all the ways you can avoid signing-up for EA.


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