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Celeb nude photos leaked from nude e-girl forum –

A group of nude models, models, and celebrities who have publicly posed nude on the adult entertainment site nudeblogger have been the subject of a series of nude photographs posted online by the group.

The photographs, which are part of a collection of more than 600,000 photographs posted on, show models posing in various positions and positions of nudity, including wearing nothing but underwear and revealing their breasts in a variety of poses.

The photos have been posted on a forum called and the photographs have been accompanied by the hashtag #bravado.

In a series on Tuesday, a user called “Hercules” posted photographs of himself posing nude with his face covered.

The user, who identified himself as “Hexo” told in a statement that he was “deeply shocked” by the pictures posted on the website, and added that he did not want his “family to suffer from shame”.

“I am deeply ashamed and embarrassed for the women who have had to share their private lives with me,” Hexo said.

“It is a shame that I could be so insensitive.

I want to share this with my friends and family so that we all can be protected.”

Hexos comments come after the nude model who has become known as “Neko” uploaded photographs of herself on Twitter showing her bare breasts and underwear in a series titled “I’m Naked”.

In the photographs, the models can be seen wearing no clothing and posing in positions that appear to include only underwear.

The “Naked” models have also been photographed posing in public in public places including a church and a swimming pool.

The nudebloger community has long been criticised for the lewd nature of its pictures, including by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus and Victoria Beckham, who have all come out in support of the community.

“The people who posted this [picture] are not only disgusting and disgusting, they are disgusting and sick,” Paltrows tweeted.

“We need to stop and think about how disgusting and despicable it is that people are posting these pics in public.”

In response, “Hecate” and other members of the nude blogging community tweeted: “Hear me out on this: theres nothing worse than someone who is offended by your body or sexuality, but when you take that away from them it’s a problem.”

A spokeswoman for the nude blogger community told the group would take the photographs down and posted on its Twitter account on Tuesday that they had taken down the images as well as other nude pictures and that the photos had been removed from the site.

“No nude pics are allowed on nude bloggers,” the spokeswoman said.

“This is a privacy issue and we are taking this action.”

Naked bloggers, which allow users to post their nude photos in a public space, are known for their provocative comments about sexual health, nudity and sexual activity, often with the hashtag “#bravo”.

The nudity community has also been criticised by celebrities for their comments about rape victims.

Earlier this year, British model Chloe Grace Moretz posted a photo of herself wearing a white tank top with her mouth open, with the caption “Punch me in the face!”

The caption was removed after many Twitter users took to calling it “racist”.

“You’re a fucking slut,” Moretz said in the caption of the photo.

“You want me to punch you in the fucking face?”

Moretz continued.

“If I ever have a fight with someone, I’m going to be like, ‘Well, I guess you know you can’t hit me in my face because I’m a slut.'”

Moretz is one of the stars of the US TV series “Bachelor in Paradise”, which premiered in November last year.


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