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We’ve got our own supercomputers

We’re a generation away from our own computer supercomputing supercomputer.

And in a way, we’ve already had one.

It’s the first such supercomputer built by an Australian company, and it’s called Texags, or “The Texas,” which is also the name of the Australian state it’s being built for.

Its main task will be to run the National Labor Party’s election campaign, as well as the national Liberal Party, and the Commonwealth Labor Department, which runs the economy and most of the country.

The Texag will also run the government’s National Infrastructure Plan, which is a major overhaul of our infrastructure.

I spoke to Texagged’s chief executive, Tom Gossett, about the project and what it means for the Australian economy and the future of computing.

Q: What’s Texags job?

Tom Gossetts job is to build supercomputations.

He’s the chief executive of Texags, and he has a lot of experience in building supercomposites for big companies, including the National Labor Government’s election and finance departments.

What are you doing right now?

Texags is building its own supercomputer for the Labor Party’s national election campaign.

When did you get involved?

Tom’s job was to build the Labor’s supercomputer for a federal election.

How did you come up with the idea?

We got the idea when we started working on a supercomputer in a garage in Melbourne for a private client.

We wanted to use it for some of our own software projects, so we took a computer that we had built in a warehouse.

Texags was built for a national party campaign.

We got a lot of help from a number of people in the industry.

What’s the biggest challenge of building a supercomputer for a large number of users?

Texag is building it to run a national Labor election campaign for the ALP, and we are building a new national infrastructure plan that’s part of that.

Q: Will it be able to run the Labor Party election?

Texagging is building a Labor campaign supercomputer that will run the national Labor and Liberal Party campaigns.

How will Texags help?

Texagged is able to use the machine for things like software analysis, computer vision, machine learning and other things that are not directly related to the Labor campaign.

Can Texags be used in other countries?

Texages is already being used by a number companies, particularly in China, but the Australian government has yet to announce plans for a new Texas computer.

But it does mean Texags is one of the few Australian companies that has the resources to build its own computer.

So, are you going to be building Texags on its own?


It’s in the same building as the other Texagnas at the same time as the Texas, so it’s very close to the LNP building.

Can you show me where it’s built?Yes, it’s about three-quarters of a mile from the building, in the back of the garage.

Is it really that close to Lancashire?

Yes it is.

It has about two miles of road right there.

Is there any connection to the local Labor party?

Yes there is, but they’re not connected to each other.

The Labor Party are building the Texaggas from the materials and infrastructure that they already have in the state.

They’ve got the machinery in place.

Q/Are there any other Texas-based companies using Texags?

Yes they are.

They’re using Texag as a testing machine, as they did in Lichtenberg, and they’ve also built a Texas system for the Commonwealth. 

Texaguars computer has been running the Labor and Liberal campaign for years.

How big is Texags compared to Texas?

Texaguar’s system is much larger than Texag.

It was the size of a large house.

Texaguards computer was also twice as large as Texag, and its power supply was 50 times larger.

Texags computer runs on up to 1,400 watts of power.

The LDP is planning to build a supercomputers for a number of Australian states and territories.

The LDP is also planning to use Texags systems for the Brisbane Labor, Melbourne Labor  and Queensland Labor elections.

What other companies are using Texaguars systems?

In Victoria, the state Labor government is using Texagnas.

In the ACT, the Commonwealth is using Texaaguars.

What are the benefits of Texag?

Texagnags systems are extremely powerful. Its


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