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How to keep your firearms safe while hunting

By John MacLeanThe Hunting Industry Federation of Australia (HIFA) has launched an online resource which will help shooters learn how to safely and effectively hunt with firearms.

The Gun Safety Forum, which is open to the public, is the brainchild of HIFA president and CEO, Bill McCollum, who has been researching firearm safety for over 10 years.

“There’s a whole range of safety issues out there, including how to keep firearms in the holster,” Mr McCollam said.

“We need to be doing a better job in terms of teaching people to do it safely and we also need to make sure our police officers are up to date on all the latest information about firearms safety.”

The gun safety forum is part of HifA’s “Shelter the Shooter” campaign, which aims to educate people about how to properly manage their firearms and keep them safe.

“I’ve always thought that one of the things that makes people safer is a lack of knowledge and it’s not about having some kind of secret handshake or something that’s out of the ordinary,” Mr Mcollum said.

He said the forum would provide information about firearm safety and training to help shooters.

“A lot of our firearms training, I’m sure, is being taught by people who have not actually hunted,” he said.

But the gun safety forums will not be just for hunters.

“What we do is a big part of what we do as the hunting industry and as the firearms industry, we’re also an industry that does some things for our community,” Mr McGollum told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“It’s important that we do a lot of outreach with the people who live in those communities, and the information that we provide is really important.”HIFa currently has 1,500 registered hunters.

Its online forums are open to anyone and can be accessed via the Gun Safety Forums website.

“So people can ask questions or contribute to the forum, and we can also invite them to join our forums,” Mr McNally said.

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