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Bizarre: A new song from a man who died in a freak car crash

A strange, bizarre, bizarre story, in which a man named David Williams lost control of his car and landed on his head. 

The car he was in crashed into a ditch and burst into flames, killing him instantly. 

And then the story got even stranger. 

After his body was found, a man called Robert Jones came forward and told how his friend was in the middle of a road trip when he crashed his car into a tree, injuring his head and legs. 

“I was in an accident, I was driving and I hit the tree and my car exploded,” he told ABC’s Good Morning Australia.

“And then I was just trying to get out of the way of the car that was going to hit me and it blew the back end of my car up.

Robert Jones claims he found his friend’s body, but the story has changed Since then, a group of people have taken to Facebook to ask the public if they recognise him. “

I just went down and grabbed my bike and rode off.”

Robert Jones claims he found his friend’s body, but the story has changed Since then, a group of people have taken to Facebook to ask the public if they recognise him.

And now, a bizarre, peculiar, bizarre tale has emerged. 

Robert Jones says his friend David Williams was in a strange car accident that left him in a coma “He was driving down the highway and I was riding my bike in the opposite lane and we were in the next lane,” he said.

Mr Jones said the accident happened on the same stretch of road where he and his friend had just passed by a nearby pub and they had been drinking.

Robert says that after they passed by the pub, they saw a man with a red, white and blue motorcycle helmet driving the bike, which they assumed was David Williams’ bike.

After they passed the man, Mr Jones says the motorcycle rider approached the motorcycle and asked him if he knew who he was.

It’s alleged that the rider told the man that he had died in the accident and that he was going on a roadtrip. 

Mr Jones claims that he said “no” and the rider then sped away.

David’s sister says he was on the road at the time and was not wearing a helmet.

He was taken to hospital and died three days later.

Now, the mystery is about to get even stranger, because it appears that he might have died while on his way to meet his girlfriend. 

In the last 24 hours, someone claiming to be the driver of the motorcycle that was driving Mr Williams’ motorcycle has posted a photo of himself with a motorcycle helmet on his Instagram account.

His Instagram account, which has since been taken down, states that he has lost his left eye and will require two operations.

The photo, which shows the bike in front of him, says that he lost his right eye as well and needs a plastic surgeon to remove it.

On his Instagram page, the driver states that the motorcycle had just crashed in front the pub and that it was “not safe to drive”.

“David’s girlfriend is in the car behind us and they are all OK,” the driver said. 

On the photo, it appears the motorcycle driver is in fact Mr Williams.

In a statement to the ABC, the local coroner, Dr Alan McCall, confirmed that David Williams had died.

Dr McCall said that after consulting with the coroner, the coroner concluded that the cause of death was “acute respiratory failure” due to “a head injury”.

He said that the head injury could have been caused by “a number of other events”. 

But, Dr McCall added that he would like to speak to Mr Williams and his girlfriend about what happened that night. 

He said the “disturbing and unsettling” nature of the incident and the fact that Mr Williams died on his own made it difficult to say if he had been injured by other drivers.

Despite the tragic death, he said he was satisfied that “it is reasonable to assume” that Mr Jones had been driving.

“It would be more appropriate to ask a few of his friends and acquaintances about this situation and to ask if they would be willing to speak about this incident with the media,” Dr McCart said.

“I would like them to take this opportunity to tell the truth, to make it known to the public that it is not ok for a motorist to cause an accident and to tell people how important they are.” ABC/wires


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