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The ‘gun of the future’ for 2018 and beyond

The pistol of the 21st century.

The Glock 19 and the Glock 26 are the most popular brands in the US market, but they are not the only guns in the same family.

We spoke to the top gun experts at Glock to find out what’s in store for the next generation of pistols.

What is the Glock 19?

The Glock 21 is the successor to the Glock 23.

It’s the same pistol, but it has been beefed up and features a new slide.

Glock is the world’s largest firearms manufacturer.

The new slide is the first for a Glock pistol since its debut back in 2010.

The gun’s design has been a focus for Glock for the past few years, but the company is confident it will deliver a quality product for customers in 2018.

“Our design team has done an outstanding job on the design and ergonomics of the Glock 21,” said Timo Torgersen, president of Glock International.

“Glock 21’s ergonomical and trigger system are as much about the feel as they are the power.

It feels like you’re holding the Glock, and you can feel it when you’re firing the gun.”

Glock’s biggest improvement in 2018 has been the pistol’s trigger.

It now comes with a shorter trigger pull.

The slide has also received a bit of an upgrade, with more of a spring bar on top of the slide to help keep the trigger from sliding out of the way during firing.

There are a few other improvements too, including a shorter slide extension that’s now shorter than the slide.

The most important part of the change is the slide’s internal mechanism.

Instead of using the slide as the primary grip, the slide now rests on a bar that sits below the trigger, which helps reduce the slide travel and reduce the possibility of a finger jam.

Glock also redesigned the slide for 2018.

The grip has been updated with a larger, rounded trigger, but Glock’s marketing team has not yet specified which grips will be offered for 2018 or what the new slide will look like.

The magazine capacity has been bumped up from 15 rounds to 18 rounds, but for 2017, Glock sold a magazine of 18 rounds and a magazine capacity of 25 rounds.

This means that users can have more than twice the number of rounds in their magazine when they’re shooting.

The pistol’s sights are the same as it was last year, but there are a couple of differences.

The front sight is now flush with the slide, and the rear sight is more angled down.

The rear sight also has a shorter rear reach.

The sights are also different for each magazine, and now there are two different sights for each pistol.

The back sight is shorter than it was before, and Glock has also changed the grips so that they’re more compact and easier to grip.

Glock says that the new sights make it easier to pull the trigger in a variety of scenarios.

The Slide Adjustable Grip The slide’s new slide features an adjustable grip that allows users to adjust the slide height.

There’s also a larger rear grip.

The company is not giving us a lot of details about how the grip will perform on the real world.

But the grip is designed to make the gun easier to hold.

The trigger’s spring bar has been moved from the grip to the bottom of the gun, and a new safety feature has been added.

“This safety feature was specifically designed for the Glock 20 because we wanted to make sure that it could be adjusted to the shooters needs,” said Torgerson.

“We didn’t want to change the gun just to make it more comfortable.”

Glock is also making the slide lighter and thinner.

The bottom of Glock’s new Glock 20 slide has been made thinner and lighter than before.

The grips are thinner too.

There is also a smaller, more streamlined, lower-profile grip.

These grip changes are designed to reduce the gun’s overall weight.

The Magpul MatchKing is a better alternative to Glock The MagPul Match King is a competitor in the gun market to Glock.

The MatchKing comes with an internal trigger and slide spring, which Glock has added to make up for the smaller grip and smaller magazine capacity.

The larger magazine capacity, combined with a smaller trigger, makes the MatchKing the superior pistol for indoor and sports shooting.

But there’s another advantage to Glock’s MatchKing: it is a great alternative to the competition.

Glock has been testing the MatchKings’ slide-spring combination for the last several years, and it has consistently been a better shooter than Glock’s competitors.

In a recent test, the company had an average of 92% accuracy and a recoil reduction of 15%, compared to the competitors average of 89% and 12% reduction.

And Glock has improved its slide-stop technology over the last year.

Glock’s slide stop is an internal part of its frame.

This spring bar is positioned at the top of a frame and has a smaller diameter than the rest of the frame.

As a result, when the slide stops moving, the spring


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