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Who are the top 20 golfers in the world?

Golf has been growing exponentially in the United States in recent years and now has the largest number of active players in the sport.

Here are the world’s top players according to

Dustin Johnson — 3,8462: The former Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson is currently the world number one golfer and has won six major titles at the world championships and six major championships at the U.S. Open.

Johnson is the most successful golfer in the history of the sport with 11 world championships, including two majors.

He is the all-time leader in majors and tournaments played.

He has been ranked in the top three in five of the last six major events he has played.2.

Henrik Stenson — 3:3: Henrik and Nick Stenson have been playing golf for nearly 40 years.

Nick has won five major titles, the most since Tiger Woods won his first major in 1992.

Henriks four titles include a third-place finish at the 2015 U. S. Open, and he also finished second at the 2013 Masters.

Henricks most notable accomplishment is winning the 2013 PGA Championship in St. Petersburg, Florida.3.

Justin Rose — 1,894: Justin Rose is the current No. 1 player in the U, but he was ranked No. 2 in’s rankings for the second straight year.

He currently sits at No. 3 in the rankings.4.

Rory McIlroy — 1:531: Rory Mcilroy has been playing for four decades.

He won four majors at the 2006 and 2008 U. I. Open Championships, and in the last five years, he has won eight major titles.

He also won the 2007 U. ÂO.


Nick Faldo — 1.932: Nick Faldo is one of the most accomplished golfers to ever play the game.

He holds a record of 20 major championships, and his seven major titles are tied with Tiger Woods for the most in golf history.

He was ranked fourth in Golf World Tour rankings in 2014.6.

Martina Navratilova — 1 .905: Martina is the No. 6 player in GolfWorldTour history.

She is the only player to win the PGA Tour’s PGA World Tour Finals four times and the FedExCup in 2017.

She has also won six majors and the PBC World Cup in 2017 and 2018.7.

Jordan Spieth — 1 :983: Jordan Spiehl is the top player in golf.

He played for the U., U. K., and U. A. in the majors and has a career total of 20 majors and four top-10 finishes in the PPC.

He became the first golfer to win a major title in each of the four major championships he won in 2006, 2009, 2011, and 2014.8.

Tom Watson — 1 1,975: Tom Watson has been golfing for nearly half a century.

He first started playing golf in 1972 and has played in more majors than any other golfer.

Watson won six tournaments and has finished in the Top 20 at the Masters and the Australian Open.

He recently won his third major title, his third in 2018.9.

Rory MacGregor — 1 749: Rory Macgregor is the second oldest player in history to win two majors and is the youngest player to ever win three majors.

In 2016, Rory Mac Gregor finished fourth at the Australian Opens and the Uprising.

He started playing for the USA in 1974 and has been one of its top players for nearly 60 years.10.

Justin Thomas — 1 851: Justin Thomas is one the most dominant golfers ever.

He began playing golf as a teenager and has never been outclassed by a golfer during his playing career.

Thomas is the first player to have three majors, and the most recently, he was fourth in the 2017 PGA Championships.

He will play his next major on Monday at the PDC National Championship.11.

Jack Nicklaus — 1 3,948: Jack Nicklas has been a world-class golfer for more than 75 years.

He retired in 2017 at the age of 71.

He ranks second in golf to Tiger Woods in majors, wins three majors and two PPC titles, and is second in tournament wins.

Nicklas is the greatest player of all time and has more majors and top-20 finishes than any player in U. s.

Golf history.12.

Michael Jordan — 1 2,976: Michael Jordan won the UG Tour’s Cadillac Championship in 2009.

He then won the Cadillac Championship the next year, making him the first U. korean player to accomplish the feat.

Jordan has been the most popular player in sport for almost three decades, and has the most major championships of any golfer since Tiger began playing in 1964.13.

Jack Walker — 1 4,944: Jack


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