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QVC unveils a new collection of anime and manga with an anime logo on the cover

QVC has unveiled a new line of anime merchandise, including a collaboration with the popular video game company Namco Bandai.

The retailer will offer a limited number of posters and t-shirts featuring the logo on a range of merchandise from the popular Japanese video game franchise Fire Emblem: Awakening to the popular anime series Fate/stay night.

Each poster and tshirt will retail for $39.99.

This new line, which is the second product QVC plans to release for the franchise after the series’ anime crossover, will be available in two sizes: Small and Large, priced at $30 and $49.99, respectively.

In addition, QVC will release a new, limited-edition line of posters featuring the character of Q-Bee from the upcoming anime project Fate/Zero.

“We’re proud to partner with Namco for this limited edition line of Fire Emblem merchandise,” said Jim Trescothick, president of merchandise and marketing at QVC.

“This collaboration is one of the highlights of our upcoming Fire Emblem line, and it will be a fitting tribute to Fire Emblem fans worldwide.”

Trescithick went on to explain that the partnership with Namcom, which includes the Fire Emblem franchise and the popular series Fate, is the culmination of a long-term relationship that started when the retailer and Namco teamed up to promote Fire Emblem in the United States.

The partnership with QVC, he added, “will allow our customers to experience a world in which QVC is truly synonymous with anime and anime merchandise.”

Tesco, who worked on the first two Fate series, said he’s excited to be able to work with Namcos brand again.

“I’m so excited to have a chance to work on a new series that’s the same brand that we’ve worked with for over 30 years, with a brand that I really love,” said Tresco.

While Namco’s official announcement for Fate/zero will be in the coming days, Trescs statement does not mention any specific release date.

As for the QVC collaboration, Tesco told the Jerusalem Post that “QVC is proud to collaborate with NamCO for this exclusive collaboration with Fire Emblem.” 

While it’s still unclear whether the partnership will take place at all, Terscothicks stated that “this collaboration is a perfect way to celebrate the iconic Fire Emblem universe that Namco created with the series and its franchise.”

(Photo credit: QVC)


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