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Why don’t you tell me about your favorite dolls

The Hill article A group of lawmakers are raising questions about whether doll manufacturers should tell consumers about their doll-related health risks.

Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ohio), who is co-chair of the Congressional Research Service’s (CRS) subcommittee on consumer products, said in a statement Friday that manufacturers should be required to make that information publicly available to consumers.

“This is not a new issue.

It has been raised by health professionals in the past,” Burton said.

“In fact, the first report on the topic was published by the FDA back in 1996.”

He said the federal government has “been working to improve and streamline the information that manufacturers are required to provide to consumers about the safety of their products,” but added that he thinks the dolls should be subject to stricter regulation.

“I do not think the doll industry has the right to ignore this issue, especially given the significant risk to consumers of adverse events associated with these products,” Burton wrote.

“In addition, it is also important to note that a recent study by the American College of Physicians found that dolls do not appear to be as safe as other forms of consumer products.”

Rep. Tim Ryan (R–Ohio) also said Friday that he is worried that the doll makers may not be making enough safety assurances for consumers.

While the FDA has long required dolls to be tested and labeled for adverse events, there is “still a lot of room for manufacturers to improve their safety standards, which is why I have been working to bring forward legislation to require manufacturers to provide accurate information about adverse events in their products, including their potential safety risks,” Ryan wrote in a letter to Burton.

“While I am pleased that the FDA is considering such a bill, I do not believe the industry has fully and fully disclosed its risk data and the risks associated with this information to consumers,” he said.

“Additionally, I am concerned that manufacturers have been reluctant to make public information about their safety data, which has led to some unintended consequences, such as the increased risk of injury to doll owners or children.”

In its statement to The Hill, the National Consumer Law Center said the doll manufacturers “have not provided us with sufficient information about the risks that they are willing to share with consumers.”

“This lack of transparency has caused confusion and concern in the marketplace, and I believe this lack of disclosure is a potential threat to consumers’ health and safety,” the group said.


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