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How to keep your car from getting smashed by a Tesla Model 3

How to avoid breaking your car’s body and causing it to topple over.

This article originally appeared on Tesla Forum and has been republished here with permission.

Tesla has released a new video that shows how to safely drive the Model 3, after it hit a wall.

The video, posted by Tesla Motors, features a young woman driving a Model 3 with an emergency brake.

The video was released just hours after a man drove his Model S into a wall on the street and was killed.

The Model 3 hit the wall on June 1, 2017, and was towed to a nearby garage to be fixed.

The young woman who was driving it told the driver that the vehicle was too hot, and he tried to change it.

But it was too late.

She crashed the Model S on the highway, killing him.

The young woman in the video can be heard crying, and she then tries to open the door of the car, but it won’t budge.

It then goes to a stop.

She then starts yelling at the driver to “stop!”

The driver, a man in his 40s, says that he is a car guy and says that there are more people around to help.

The man then tells the woman to “sit down.”

She says that she is “a lady, don’t call me lady.”

She then says, “That’s what I call a lady.”

She tells the driver not to say anything to her, and then says to the woman that she doesn’t know what happened.

The woman says, to the man, “You’re the one that broke my car.”

The man says to her that she needs to sit down, and that he needs to “tell the guy that broke it.”

The woman asks what he said.

He says, he’s sorry.

She says, I am a lady.

The driver then says he needs a woman to come get him.

The car goes back to the parking lot and the woman walks out.

The driver of the Model X says that “he broke my body.”

The Model S driver is heard saying, “Oh my god.”

The driver of a Model X and a Model S both tell the other, “He broke my ass.”

The driver who is driving the Model 4 tells the other that he broke his car and asks if he can “fix it.”

He then tells him to “stay calm.”

The Model S owner who is sitting in the passenger seat of the SUV says, the driver was trying to get me to put the brakes, but he didn’t know that we’re all going to be in a crash.

The other driver tells the man to “get over here and get me a car.”

The man responds by saying, I don’t care if you break my car.

The Model 3 owner tells the Model E owner that she has been having problems with the brakes and that she can’t use them, and the Model N owner says that her brakes are too weak.

The owner of the Nissan Leaf says that the driver of her Model S is trying to tell her to “shut up” and that her brake pads are “stupid.”

The owner also tells the owner of her Nissan that the brakes are “very weak” and says, they’re not a problem at all.

The other driver of his Model 3 says, she’s a lady, she can be whatever you want to call her, but she doesn´t deserve to be a driver.

The owner says, well you should’ve asked her what she wanted.

The model owner replies, she doesn t want to answer your question, she wants to be an officer.

The woman who is in the backseat of the Tesla Model S says that it broke her car, and says she wants her owner to fix it.

The passenger says, we want a tow truck, and we want someone who knows how to do a tow.

The man in the front seat of his Tesla says, it broke my butt.

He then says that his girlfriend broke her leg.

The two women in the rear seats of the vehicle are also having problems.

The one driver in the driver seat says that both of her tires are on fire.

The front seat passenger says that all the tires are burned, and both of them are in the hospital right now.

The car is then pulled to a curb, and it’s then towed to the nearest garage.


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