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CLYREN – Game Forum Countries Which of these companies is getting into the virtual sex industry?

Which of these companies is getting into the virtual sex industry?

Recode, the tech news site, is reporting that companies like Amazon and Uber are investing heavily in VR porn.

The report, based on anonymous sources, also says that Amazon’s VP of VR, Jared Wirth, told a conference that he wants to get into the industry, and that it would be “the next big thing.”

The story is based on two anonymous sources familiar with the matter, who also told Recode that Wirth is in talks with several large tech companies, including Google and Facebook.

The sources said the VP of Virtual Reality told them that the companies will invest in VR and other VR products.

The article did not name any of the companies.

“I’m talking to some big tech companies that I don’t want to name right now,” Wirth told the Recode audience.

“But I want to get to know them a little bit and figure out what’s working and what isn’t working.”

Uber and Amazon are both in VR, and both have recently begun offering “tickets” for people to try out VR porn, a new way to watch content in virtual reality.

Wirth has also previously spoken about virtual reality in interviews, saying that it could be “a very, very exciting thing.”

Amazon, in fact, launched its own VR streaming service, Alexa, in 2017, and it has been aggressively marketing the platform.

The Recode report also says Amazon is actively trying to get in on the VR market.

Wire said that Amazon has invested in VR video content and the company has “a great team” working on VR content.

The story notes that the company is working on “a VR platform for developers and publishers.”

The Recode article does not say what that platform is.

The report does not mention whether Wirth and Amazon have worked together, or if Wirth would lead the team.

Amazon’s VP for Virtual Reality Jared Wirkens told RecoD that the VR industry is poised to “become a major force in the entertainment space.”

Amazon is one of the largest VR platforms, according to a recent report by the Virtual Reality Association, which is also based in the United States.

Wirth did not immediately respond to Recode’s request for comment.


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