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EA Sports UFC, UFC Evolution: UFC 20 preview

It’s no secret that EA Sports is making the biggest, most impressive sports games of the past decade.

And it seems that it’s only getting bigger, more ambitious, and more ambitious in the months since it first announced the UFC game back in September.

Now EA has released an updated preview for the game’s latest expansion, UFC 20.

UFC 20’s story takes place over the course of the next 10 months, with each player fighting for the UFC title against each other in an all-new season-long storyline.

The new trailer, posted on EA’s official YouTube channel, gives a closer look at the new mode and lets us get a better sense of how the game will differ from the original.

As the name implies, this new mode features two new factions, one from the UFC, and one from another sports-themed sports team.

Both sides are led by two different fighters, with one of them being the former UFC fighter who’s currently at the UFC’s HQ.

Both of them are going to have a new character, and that character will be based on the character in the main game.

We know that there’s going to be a new version of Luke Cage for the fighters, but it’s unclear what the exact character will look like.

For the other characters, there are also new uniforms, different weapon attachments, and new special moves that will help the fighters compete.

EA also promises that the game “adds new elements to the game,” including the ability to play the game as a single player with up to four players in the same session.

It also says that the new modes are all tied into the UFC roster, so you won’t be able to play them alone.

In addition to the main story, EA also has some of the other game’s most intriguing elements in the preview.

First up is the new UFC mode.

The preview video shows a fight between a new and returning character, the aforementioned Cage, and his old teammate, Jon Jones.

The UFC match is one of the more interesting ones to come out of UFC 20 so far, and it gives us a look at how the new gameplay will work.

The main character can only move in the direction of his opponent, and when you’re trying to strike a blow with your left hook, you’ll be able use a grapple hook.

That’s because in the old mode, when you landed your left, the grapple hook would land on the ground.

Instead, it’s going be able be used as an attack to knock your opponent down.

That makes sense in this mode, as a grappling hook is the only way to move your opponent back to where they’re standing and strike them with it.

And since the UFC mode is a fight that requires the fighter to use their full power, it means you’ll have to be more aggressive with your strikes to earn your victory.

As for the new fighter, it will be a newcomer to the UFC.

It’s a former UFC champion who’s just returned to his old gym, Cage Training Academy, and he’ll be joined by the former champion himself, Dana White.

Cage Training will feature a whole new mode that pits the two fighters against each another in an exhibition match.

The video shows Cage training in a new cage, while the UFC will have its own cage, and both will have to defend their belts against one another.

As far as the new fighters are concerned, they are basically just new recruits to the company, but the fact that the UFC has been involved in the game for a while will give them a new lease on life.

The mode is also expected to have an added bonus element, as the two athletes will get bonus points if they land strikes on each other.

The other thing that EA has shown off in the new trailer is the “Rampage” mode, which pits two fighters, one who is from the old Cage, the other from another team, against one other.

The trailer also shows Cage being beaten up by the new Cage player, and Cage fighting back.

It sounds like the new Mode is an arena match mode, and like the previous mode, it features a grappling system that allows for a lot of combinations.

You’ll be taking advantage of that grappling system to take out your opponent, as well as to score more points for your team.

The fight itself is a lot like the old Mode, except that Cage is taking on the new teammate who’s coming back from the Cage Training Center.

Cage also gets to use some new weapons, including a grappling net that will get in the way of his attacks, and a grappling spear that will be used to get in Cage’s head.

The most interesting part of the new game mode is the fight itself, which is being described as “unforgiving.”

That is, Cage will have a choice to either go all-out or let his opponent go for the kill.

In the old game mode, Cage had the option

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